August 24, 2012


Last time I did, “WHAT I MISS THE MOST” and in and effort of showing both sides of the mommy life (working vs. staying at home) I bring you all the things I love about working.

I like that Aaron and I work for the same company. This could be bad on many different levels but being that we work for different departments on separate floor we are able to keep the bickering down to a minimum. Other than the fact that we have the occasional lunch together, we never see each other.

I like the free endless cups of coffee.

I like that I get a designated break that I can take at any time.
I certainly love payday and the shopping it brings!

Adult conversation! Though I love it, I am not limited to discussing the latest antics of SpongeBob, or how cool Batman is.

I don’t have to hear a two year old say “I farted!” with a devilish grin on his face. …actually I take that back! This is actually pretty amusing!

I like that patience is not required here.
I like what I do.

I like that being that I work, I appreciate my time with these guys so much more!

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