January 1, 2013


I initially wanted to do a post about the new years resolution I made for 2013 but when I began to elaborated on each one I realized it would be best if I dedicated a post for each resolution.



 I am supposed to be an adult.

I'm turning 28 this year.

I've been married now for going on 6 years now.

I have two beautiful boys.

I have a full-time "big persons" job.

Yet I am visually reminded every day as I look around my home, how "un-adult" I am.  I only have 4 dinner plates and none of them match the other, the newest one I have is the red one that I got from Ikea when Aaron and I moved into our first apartment before we were even married, I had gotten another one but it broke a long time ago. Frankly, nothing we own really matches, no our utensils, bowls (only have 1) or our furniture have a cohesiveness to it. There is no statement, no summary of who we are as people. You know that feeling you get when you step into someones home and you instantly get a feeling for the people that live there? Yeah, we don't have that going on in the Smith household.

The first step will be easy, purchase a dinnerware and flatware  set. I want to complete this task by the end of the month. After that I will start with the walls, hanging pictures, putting up a mirror that will go over my soon-to-be-purchased buffet table in the dining room. The more expensive part will be to buy new furniture like a new couch/love seat, a coffee table, entertainment unit and my buffet table. 

I have the entire year to get all of this done. If I work on it a little at a time it should all happen in no time!


  1. One thing at a time! I always get overwhelmed trying to do too much at one. Love the mismatched plates, though! All mine are thrifted and no 2 are the same. Ah, well.

    xo, Sarah
    @ One Sweet Tuesday

  2. Hi Ashley, visiting from caseys blog and I literally chuckled at your mismatched plates! Hubby and I were discussing tonight how I have broken most of our dishes (am i the only ne who gets clumsy when pregnant?!) we have two left! lol
    You are such a young mama and look to be doing such a wonderful job with your kids!! All the best in this new year!!!

  3. I love this: "I am supposed to be an adult." :) I'm 41 and I'm still saying that! There's always a little girl inside of us, I think, even when we have big people's jobs and kids and responsibilities. // I got dishes for our wedding and had them for 15 years. I got sick of looking at the same thing after that long, so I went out and bought mismatched plates! Well, same brand, different colors. // I'm visiting from Casey's blog. You caught my eye because, I too, work outside the home and try to juggle it all. xo, ab

  4. lol.. how do you drink soup with only one bowl and four people? You must get tired of washing dishes all the time.

    1. LOL luckily the boys have their own tacky plastic bowls. we used to have two bowls but I am not confident as to what happened to the other one...more than likely it broke!

  5. You totally crack me up!!! Ummm....I'm 34 going on baby #3 and still live like a kid too. I never make the bed. We do have dinnerware but it's ugly and chipped and from pier 1 like 10 years ago so don't feel bad. I think some of us are just kinda free spirited:)