June 21, 2013


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Wednesday: Zucchini Casserole w/ a side of Asparagus

Made with corn muffin mix and shredded zucchini, this casserole was wonderful and easy, perfect for summer. This would make a great side dish in a smaller portion paired with grilled chicken and a garden salad.

My tip: After shredding the zucchini get a clean tea towel or paper towel, wrap the zucchini inside and squeeze really hard to get rid of any access water. Note that when you mix the ingredients it’s supposed to look thick and crumbly and not like runny like a cake or muffin batter. Make sure you serve it when its nice and warm!

Thursday: Vegetarian Lasagna

I have never made any form of Lasagna before. For whatever reason I always thought it was time consuming and difficult to master. After I looked into this recipe I found that such was not the case. It was really no different than making spaghetti; the only difference is that Lasagna finishes off in the oven. Oddly enough, after trying this recipe I found that I liked vegetarian over meat lasagna!

I am truly happy that I did this; it actually saved us a few dollars at the grocery store, not just because we didn’t buy meat but because we planned out meals for the entire week so we shopped according to what the recipes called for.  By Friday we had a few different left overs that I didn’t even have to cook that day! This also showed me how easy is to no consume so much meat during the week, don’t get me wrong, I still love a juicy steak but it’s not something that I crave that much anymore. My husband is a huge meat lover, so much so that he practically begged me not to cut out meat this week, but meal after meal he had been so receptive and as time went on he actually requests that I cook these over and over again.

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